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About Us

Being an avid grilling household, we use our grill almost every day. When it was time for a new one, we wanted to get a long lasting grill that we would be proud to show off and master using.  We saved up and got our first quality outdoor grill. This was an investment to us and keeping it clean and looking sharp with no scratches, grease, and so on, was a priority. We had the idea to look for a rubber type mat that would cover the shelves and could be easily washed. But there was nothing on the market that we could get our hands on. We made some mats ourselves from another product, but being the way we are, the look wasn't up to par. So we set out to design our own brand of mats and produce them for everyone like us out there that wants a product like this for their grill. Thus, CharMats was born and here we are. We know that you will be more than satisfied with the design and function. Happy Grilling!