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The only protective premium rubber mats for your grill side shelves. Just like you, we have pride in our grill and the protection of your outdoor kitchen centerpiece is our goal. Visit our Store page to get your own set of CharMats.
"I have been using CharMats on all three of my grills for a couple of weeks now and so far, I have been impressed by the look and function of them. I have even used them in the kitchen while seasoning a tri-tip. Worked like a charm. They fit nicely on all the grills shelves and almost looked like they were a part of them. And yes, I have spilled and dropped several things on them already. While they got dirty, after washing them off, the surface stood up to the abuse with no visible defects. Best of all, my grills were still shiny and clean underneath!"

Keep your grill shelves protected, clean and looking like new!
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Added Style
CharMats add a clean, stylish look to your grill shelves. Smooth and rounded edges with a grill grate design face. Leave them on all the time or move to use on another surface.
Protect Your Grill
Our grills are our pride and joy of the patio. The added protection these mats provide prevent scratching on the side shelves. Also giving you the ease of no grease or sauces on your shelves from utensils and pans.
Simple To Clean
Designed For Looks And Function
When you're done grilling your masterpiece dishes, simply take the mats in and clean with soap and water and they are like new. Wipe with a towel or paper towel and they're ready to go back on the grill shelves.
Our mats are custom designed for appearance and functionality. They are molded premium heavy silicone rubber measuring 12" x 16" to fit most any grill shelf.